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The Cathedral and Razorback, Victoria

The Razorback and Cathedral Peak - 2 day hike
Left Melbourne for Buxton arriving at Cooks Mill picnic ground about 16:30. The weather was warm 24 deg and sunny. After leaving the car we set off for the saddle and the Sugarloaf. A steady climb and rather uninteresting on the unsealed road section. We reached the summit of the Sugarloaf about an hour and a half later. A spectacular peak and great panorama from the rocks on the top.
Looking northwards from the Sugarloaf
View W towards Buxton
Progress along the Razorback was painfully slow. I'm recovering slowly from shingles and a complication (post herpetic neuralgia). The area affected is the left side of the abdomen which necessitated unfastening the lower buckle of (12kg) rucksack on ascents and descents. This meant the rucksack had a tendency to swing alarmingly. In addition the medication has side effects - unsteadiness in walking, vivid dreams and a dry mouth! Care was required.
On the Razorback
Arrived at the campsite at about 19:30
The Farmyard so called because the Lyrebirds here imitate the sounds of domestic animals.
Up early to climb the Jawbone for views then breakfast. The forecast was warm and sunny which meant needing to find water for the day. After breakfast we descended the track down to Cooks Mill for about 10 minutes. There is a small spring of water about 10 minutes down to the left of the track in the dry creek bed - the only one remotely near the ridge line between the Sugarloaf and the Cathedral. Filled water bottles here.
Only water around for a long way.
The ridge track to the Cathedral begins pleasantly but degenerates into a prickly and rocky trail. Follow the orange triangles. Good views back to the Sugarloaf along the way.
Looking back south to the distinctive sharp outline of the Sugarloaf
Cathedral Peak gives good views of the entire area.
Summit of the Cathedral
A steep descent down the Cathedral track which eases to a more gentle gradient to Neds Gully. The walk finishes with a shaded, undulating walk along the Little river track back to Cooks Mill and the car. Thanks to my son-in-law for companionship and patience on the trail.
Shaded walk along the Little River track
A toasted sandwich and a cold coke at the Healesville Bakery highly recommended way to finish off.
21st December 2012